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10 Destinations of Choice for Gen Z

Holiday Ayo - The world of tourism in 2023 will develop rapidly due to the large number of travelers traveling. Before going on holiday, we will probably consider many things regarding the tourist destination we will choose. 

Considerations may include access to activities to be carried out, facilities, and aesthetics. Who would have thought, some destinations would actually have a huge increase in the number of Gen Z visitors.


This shows that this destination may have been considered and become a preference for Gen Z. Data shows that many Gen Z and millennial generations visit certain countries for vacation. 


American Express (Amex) Travel conducted research on their booking data to find out which destinations are most popular with Gen Z. 


In fact, the number of visitors among Gen Z and millennials has skyrocketed to several destinations, as reported by Time Out. 


One of them, since 2019, the number of travel bookings to Japan made by Gen Z and the millennial generation has increased by 1,300 percent. 


This makes it one of the most popular destinations for young tourists. Even though Japan is home to Tokyo, which has just been named the city of digital nomads, Japan actually has an interesting mix of modern and innovative architecture as well as historical buildings and temples. 


Not to mention the amazing food and culture. What is certain is that Gen Z has its own considerations when deciding on this destination. 


Other destinations that are surging among Gen Z and millennials are Australia (800 percent increase), Rajasthan in India (600 percent), Italy (500 percent), and San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. 


Amex's 2023 report also found that 89 percent of travelers want to visit destinations they have never visited before, so provider Amex released a list of trending destinations that are not well known globally. 


Here are the 10 top destinations for 2024 according to American Express Travel.


- Adelaide Hills, Australia

- Bodrum, Türkiye 

- Cervo, Italy 

- St. Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean 

- Niseko, Japan 

- San Miguel De Allende, Mexico 

- Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 

- The Seychelles 

- Udaipur, India 

- Zermatt, Switzerland.

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