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3 Best Island Hopping Destinations in Indonesia

Holiday Ayo - Known as an archipelagic country with stunning underwater beauty, it is not surprising that many local and foreign tourists are interested in diving in Indonesia.

But, did you know that Indonesia is not only known as the best diving spot? However, it is also the best destination for island hopping. 


The experience offered by island hopping is indeed fun and certainly very memorable. Moreover, we can explore many islands while enjoying island hopping.


Luckily, Indonesia has many interesting island hopping destinations to visit. This series of island hopping destinations has even become a favorite for many tourists. 


As cited from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy page, here are recommendations for the best island hopping destinations in Indonesia. 


1. Bali-Lombok 


Having many beautiful beaches, it is not surprising that Bali and Lombok are one of the most popular tourist destinations that are almost never empty of tourists.


Not just surfing or relaxing on the beach, you can try the sensation of island hopping in Bali-Lombok. For the island hopping route, you will start from Sanur Harbor towards Nusa Lembongan on Nusa Penida Island.


After that, continue to Gili Trawangan, then "jump" to Gili Meno and Gili Air. During island hopping in Bali-Lombok, we will be amazed by the very clear sea water. 


It's so clear, we can try doing various exciting activities, such as diving, snorkeling and canoeing. 


2. Labuan Bajo 


If you are looking for an anti-mainstream holiday experience, you can island hop while live on board using a pinisi boat in Labuan Bajo, a Super Priority Destination (DSP). 


This time, we can experience the experience of staying on a ship, while traveling around the waters of East Nusa Tenggara for several days. 


Apart from enjoying the natural beauty from inside the ship, we have the opportunity to stop by the beautiful beaches in Labuan Bajo, one of which is Pink Beach. 


The combination of pink sand, with views of clear turquoise sea water makes you feel peaceful. Island hopping in Labuan Bajo is incomplete without diving and snorkeling. 


For this reason, make sure you make time to dive at Manta Point. If you are lucky, Parekraf friends will have the opportunity to interact directly with manta rays and sharks. 


3. Likupang


As one of the Super Priority Destinations (DSP), Likupang has an extraordinarily beautiful underwater beach. 


That's why many tourists make Likupang an island hopping spot that is still "virgin" or rarely touched. One of the islands that must be visited when island hopping in Likupang is Lihaga Island. 


Here, you can enjoy the underwater beauty which is still very well preserved. Once satisfied with diving, we can continue our journey by boat to Gangga Island. 


Not only does it have natural underwater charm, Gangga Island is famous as an exotic sunset spot in Likupang.

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