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4 Summer Festivals in South Korea 2022

Holiday Ayo - Everything about South Korea is endless to discuss. Starting from food, drama, KPop, culture, to tourism, it has always been a magnet that can attract anyone and from anywhere.

In terms of tourism, South Korea has a variety of exciting and not boring places to visit. In addition, many interesting events are held there every season to attract tourists.

This summer is no exception. After being absent for two years due to the pandemic, several summer festivals in South Korea have begun to be held again. Here are some of the summer festivals in South Korea 2022, as cited from

1. Pocheon Herb Island Lavender Festival


The Pocheon Herb Island Lavender Festival 2022 will take place from 18 June to 31 August 2022. You can tour the gardens of Pocheon Herb Island, enjoy the beautiful lavender fields, taste lavender tea and ice cream, and take a short course on lavender candle making.

2. Water Bomb Festival


The Water Bomb Festival is one of the most awaited festivals by South Korean people every year. They will gather in a large and airy place, then will be sprayed using large volumes of water.

In addition, the event which will take place on June 24-26 2022 in Seoul will also be enlivened by K-Pop idols and DJs, you know.

3. Everland Summer Water Fun


No less exciting than the Water Bomb Festival, Everland Summer Water Fun which has been held since 2005 is packed with various programs. There are shooting water fun, carnival, water music concert, light show, and so on. In 2022, the Everland Summer Water Fun will be held on June 17-August 28.

4. Boryeong Mud Festival


Boryeong Mud Festival or Boryeong Mud Festival was originally created as a marketing and promotion of a cosmetic made from Boryeong mud. Unexpectedly, this festival became big and gained international recognition, even being considered a unique festival.

This year, the Boryeong Mud Festival will be held from July 16 to August 15, 2022 at Daecheon Beach, Boryeong City, Chungcheongnam Province. In addition to playing in a mud puddle, participants can watch fireworks, musical performances, and other exciting activities.

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