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400 Participants in the Pasir Padi Festival, Otak Otak Eating Competition in Pangkalpinang

Holiday Ayo - The Pangkalpinang City Tourism Office (Dispar) noted that there were 400 registrants participating in the fastest Otak-otak eating competition at the 5th Pasir Padi Festival in Pangkalpinang City, Monday (10/6). 

What's unique is that the participants wore a variety of unique costumes to attract the attention of the judges Acting Mayor of Pangkalpinang Lustje Anneke Tabalujan said the enthusiasm of the people who want to take part in this world delicious brain eating competition is extraordinary. 


So, he continued, the initial target of 300 participants had to be increased to 400 participants. 


“Because this is one day we are limiting it to 400 participants, actually there are still many people who want to take part," said the Acting Mayor. 


For this brain eating competition, according to Lustje, the committee prepared 7,000 types of brain brain. On the same occasion, the Head of the Bangka Belitung Tourism Office, Widya Kemala Sari, said that the world's delicious brain eating competition only exists in Pangkalpinang. 


She hopes that this otak otak eating competition festival will further popularize this typical Bangka Belitung culinary specialty. 


“We hope that this otak otak eating festival will further popularize otak otak as a typical culinary specialty in Babylon, especially in Pangkalpinang," said Widya.


In the future. According to him, the Babel Tourism Office will make Babylonian culinary specialties a culinary breakfast dish in hotels, so that they will become increasingly popular.

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