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5 Typical Dutch Foods You Shouldn't Miss

Holiday Ayo - Most Dutch specialties come from a long past and have a strong cultural influence. The Netherlands was once the center of the spice trade and many foodstuffs were imported into the Netherlands at that time.

At that time, cheap and easy to prepare foods such as potatoes, vegetables and fish became the daily diet of the Dutch people. This cultural and historical influence is reflected in the typical Dutch food that exists today.

1. Stroopwafel


Stroopwafel is a snack consisting of two layers of thin cake filled with stroop syrup. In appearance, it may look like a waffle in general. This food is popular throughout the Netherlands and is now a favorite dessert all over the world.

2. Bitterballen


Bitterballen are fried balls of minced meat that are usually served as a snack. The word "bitter" here does not mean it tastes bitter, but refers to a typical Dutch alcoholic drink called Dutch gin (jenever) which used to be often served with bitterballen. In the Netherlands itself, bitterballen is often enjoyed with beer.

3. Croquettes


The next typical Dutch food is croquettes. Croquettes are food made from meat or chicken ragout stuffed in fried bread dough. The combination of creamy filling and crunchy texture makes this food suitable as an accompaniment to delicious drinks.

4. Herring


Well, this typical Dutch food is really unique! Herring is fresh fish cut into pieces and served with onions and mustard sauce. This food is usually served as a snack or snack.

5. Poffertjes


You must be familiar with this typical Dutch food, right? Poffertjes are small pancakes usually served with powdered sugar and butter. This food is popular throughout the Netherlands because of its soft and chewy taste.

6. Oliebollen


If Bitterballen is a savory dish, Oliebollen is a sweet version! Oliebollen are deep-fried dough balls usually served with powdered sugar. This food is often served in winter and is one of the traditional Christmas dishes in the Netherlands.

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