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7 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Greece Most Popular

Holiday Ayo - Some recommendations for tourist attractions in Greece not inferior to tours in European areas such as London or Paris. Moreover, this place is famous for its culture and historical tourism on the European continent, which has a very beautiful view.

Maybe you are not too familiar with this country which is known to be very thick with history and mythology. Even though Greece has beautiful and stunning tourist attractions like some of the places that we will discuss below.

1. Santorini

source: iNews

Santorini is the most popular tourist spot with a distance of 200 kilometers from the center of Greece. This very beautiful island on the edge of the Aegean Sea offers panoramic sunsets and housing on a hill.

2. Mykonos

source: Mediterranean Villas

Not too far from Santorini this place can be reached by Ferry for 3 hours. The highlight is the beautiful view of the white buildings and the mix of Venetian and Cyladic architecture.

3. Parthenon

source: Greece Is

Don't tell Greece not to visit this city. The Parthenon is indeed a popular Greek landmark. With views of classic buildings from this temple, you will feel a different sensation.

4. Karpathos

source: Chasing the Donkey

This place is very beautiful because it offers views of typical Greek classical buildings. Besides that, it also provides views of the clear green sea in turquoise color.

5. Delphi Stone Theatre


The attraction is the beauty of the stone theater which is the center of theatrical culture. If you are lucky you can also watch theater performances and Greek artists here.

6. Athena

source: OSC

Athens is a city surrounded by four large mountains that make it special. As the oldest city in the world, you can not only travel but also learn history.

7. Andros

source: Andros Secrets

Andros is a beautiful island that should not be missed when visiting Greece. With views of the turquoise sea and clean beaches are the main attraction for this island.

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