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9 Investors Ready to Build Housing in the Nusantara Capital City

Holiday Ayo - The Nusantara Capital City Authority (OIKN) noted that there are nine business actors who are ready to collaborate with government business entities (KPBU) to build various housing sectors in the Nusantara Capital City (IKN) of the Archipelago.

Deputy for Funding and Investment at the IKN Authority, Agung Wicaksono, said that there are several processes that investors need to go through before starting to invest in IKN.


The first process is submitting a statement of interest (LOI). Second, review and assessment of the LOI priority scale sector.


Next, the third stage is one on one meeting. Fourth, submission of confirmation letter. Fifth, response letter from the IKN Authority to investors. 


Sixth, confidentiality agreements and NDA and Data Request data requests. Then, the seventh stage, feasibility study. 


At this stage, the nine potential investors are still in the stage of completing a feasibility study before finally entering the auction stage. Finally, the eighth stage is agreement. 


“So, in the eight stages we have reached number seven. Only the eighth stage remains because this is a PPP scheme, then a procurement or auction will be held, if there are no interested parties who are able to match them then they will be selected according to the PPP scheme," he said. 


As for the foreign company, it comes from China, namely CITIC Construction. This company will build 60 ASN towers for the Ministry of Defense and Security. 


Next, a company from Malaysia, namely Maxim, will build 10 towers for ASN, and the company IJN. A company from Malaysia, namely Maxim, built 10 ASN residential towers. Then, the Malaysian company IJN, which will build 20 ASN towers. 


“This shows that foreign investors have entered the residential sector. Some of them have completed feasibility studies. The agreement stage remains," he said. 


Meanwhile, the rest comes from within the country, namely Summarecon which will build six ASN residential towers. 


Then, there is Trinitiland which will build 8 ASN residential towers, and PT Nindya Karya which will build 8 civil servant towers, Intiland will build 109 town houses or housing complexes. 


Apart from that, there is also Ciputra which will build 10 towers and 20 townhouses, and PT Rockfields Properti Indonesia will build 3 towers and 30 landed house units.

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