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Aare Gorge: Canyon Walk In Meiringen

Holiday Ayo - Are you in Switzerland? I bet there’s no better way to experience nature than visiting Aare Gorge and enjoying a canyon walk in Meiringen – the closest town to Aare Gorge! For anyone who loves to get soaked in the wilderness, visiting this Canyon would be like a dream come true. 


If you don’t know much about the Aare Gorge, let me guide you in planning your trip to the natural wonder and what you should expect from there. Gear up and scroll below!

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Aare Gorge Canyon is an impressive Gorge to walk through. It’s a beautiful, inexpensive, and love-worthy place that gives way to the river Aare to pass it through its heart. 

It’s been more than a few thousand years since the Aare River eroded its way and formed a path through the rock formation and limestone cliffs. The gorge is approximately 1,400 meters long and up to 200 meters deep. 

Aare goes by this impressive gorge at a whopping speed of 12km/h, making splashes and quenching the thirst for lush greens of the Haslital Valley in the Central Alps. The place is an attraction for every traveler who wants to enjoy the most out of their Switzerland trip. Furthermore, Aare Gorge Canyon lets you experience geology and glaciology in one go! 

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You can access the gorge by a safe system of paths and tunnels. 

The picturesque location has two entrances – an eastern and a western entrance. These getaways have ticket counters, small restaurants, and souvenir shops, a complete package to entertain every visitor who stops by the gorge.

As you travel along the Canyon’s paths, you’ll be amazed at how nature takes turns and twists and forms the magnificent courses. 

The best part about the Aare Gorge? The attraction is not only disability-friendly but is also dog-friendly. So no matter if you are a traveler with some disability or can’t leave your doggo behind, you can enjoy the stroll at the gorge without any worries. Most Aare Gorge visitors love to tread through the whole gorge and return to their starting point by walking again. However, if you are a lazy bone and don’t prefer walking, you can opt for a train to get back to your point of origin.

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