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Abstinence that should not be done during the month of Suro

Holiday Ayo - One suro night is closely related to the traditions passed down from generation to generation by the Javanese people who still adhere to the traditions of their ancestors. 

Javanese people avoid big things that concern their lives during this month. The month of Suro is the first month in the Javanese calendar or the month of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. 


What should you not do during the month of Suro? Basically 1 Suro is like a sign of the beginning of a new year. 


However, 1 Suro and the month of Suro in Javanese culture are often associated with sacred and mystical things. 


Various rituals are held, such as jamasan heirlooms or cleaning heirlooms, flower bathing, soaking (kungkum) or tirakatan (staying awake all night).


Not only on the 1st day of Suro, the mystical feel still applies throughout the month. Apart from certain rituals, in Javanese tradition there are a number of taboos or things that cannot be done during the month of Suro.


If it is violated, it is believed to bring bad luck or worse, disaster to the individual and those around him. The following things should not be done in the month of Suro compiled from various sources. 


1. Traveling far without any clear interests 

2. Hold parties including weddings, circumcisions and thanksgivings 

3. Build a house 

4. Moving house 

5. Saying bad things 


The fifth taboo is related to the Tapa Mbisu tradition which is routinely carried out by the people of Yogyakarta ahead of the month of Suro. 


People walked around the palace area without saying a word. This tradition is also a reminder that during the month of Suro, you should pay more attention to what you say. 


Don't let out bad words. That is an explanation of what should not be done in the month of Suro.

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