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Adjusting Population Density, Transjakarta adds routes to the North Jakarta area

Holiday Ayo - PT Transportation Jakarta (TransJakarta) is focusing on adding routes to the North Jakarta area to adjust the population density in the capital city.

“We continue to study which areas are still untouched by public transportation, currently one of the focuses is the North Jakarta area," said TransJakarta Operations and Safety Director Daud Joseph as quoted by 


He said that North Jakarta was chosen because his party received data from the DKI Population and Civil Registration Service (Sudin Dukcapil). 


He said that many people from Central Jakarta had moved to the North so it was necessary to anticipate population density. 


Apart from that, according to him, one area of North Jakarta that is of concern is Marunda because housing has not yet been built so access to public transportation is difficult. 


However, he said he would try to distribute routes equally to all regions according to population density. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the population of DKI Jakarta is 10,609,681 people. 


North Jakarta occupies the fourth most populous position in DKI with 1,793,550 people after East Jakarta, West Jakarta and South Jakarta in 2022. 


Currently, there are 234 TransJakarta routes recorded, so it is estimated that each region in DKI Jakarta has around 50 routes. 


“In other areas, that doesn't mean there won't be any additions, but perhaps areas that are currently still small are accessible by public transport in the North," he said. 


PT Transportation Jakarta (TransJakarta) operates three new Microtrans services on the Tanjung Priok Terminal-Rawamangun Terminal (JAK87), Kampung Rambutan Munjul Terminal (JAK98), and Industri Raya-ASMI (JAK76) routes. These three routes will begin operating in stages this September.

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