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Ahead of Ramadan, the Government Imports 20,000 Tons of Frozen Buffalo Meat

Holiday Ayo - Main Director of Bulog Budi Waseso (Buwas) said that as much as 20 thousand tons of imported frozen buffalo meat will enter Indonesia this month. The frozen buffalo meat is prepared to meet the needs during fasting and Eid 2023.

"This will be before the fasting month, which means that around 20,000 tons have started to arrive for this initial stage," Buwas said as quoted by, Friday (17/3).

He explained that the imported frozen buffalo meat was prepared by the government to meet the needs during fasting until Eid al-Fitr 2023. Furthermore, Buwas believes that the arrival of imported beef will reduce the price of frozen buffalo meat on the market.

"Yes (can reduce prices) God willing, as long as it's right on target," he explained.

Not only Bulog, PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero)/BUMN Holding Pangan ID Food is also preparing supplies ahead of the fasting month and Eid. As many as 100,000 tons of beef from Brazil are ready to be imported by ID Food.

Main Director of Food Holding ID Food Frans Marganda Tambunan estimates that 100,000 tons of beef imports from Brazil will arrive after Idul Fitri taking into account the distance and time of availability. Therefore, ID Food prepares meat stocks originating from other countries such as Australia.

"We already have a stockpile before Brazil arrives, originating from Brazil meat stock assigned yesterday and we are preparing Australian beef stock. We have 2,500 tons of Brazilian beef stock and 500-1,000 tons of additional beef from Australia," Frans said when met at the Waskita Rajawali Tower Building, Thursday (2/3).

Frans admitted that the shipment of the imported beef was delayed, so his party is looking for beef supply partners whose stocks are ready before Eid.

"We have prepared several stocks of meat originating from other countries such as Australia and some carry over, last year's assignment we will carry over this year," he said.

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