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Aisyah Mosque, Nearest Miqat Location in Mecca

Holiday Ayo - Tanim is the border of Mecca's forbidden land from Medina, located to the north of Mecca. The distance between Tanim and Bab Umrah in Mecca is approximately seven kilometers. 

A number of places close to Tanim include Mount Naim in the south, Mount Munim in the north, and Wadi Nu'man (Numan Valley) or Wadi Tanim. 


In this place, a mosque was later built, known as the Tan'im Mosque or Siti 'Aisyah RA Mosque. On this basis, according to Hanafiyah and Hanabilah, the most important Umrah miqat is Tan'im, followed by Ji'ranah and then Hudaibiyah. 


In the hadith, it is stated that when the Prophet Muhammad carried out the Wada' Hajj at that time, the Prophet Muhammad's wife, Aisyah, was menstruating. 


He is allowed to carry out all the rituals, except for tawaf. After cleansing from menstruation, the Prophet Muhammad asked Abdurrahman, Aisyah's brother, to take him to Tan'im village to take miqat in the area. 


This event became the basis for Tanim as a place of miqat. This area is only approximately seven kilometers north of the Grand Mosque. 


This mosque is also known by local residents as the “Khaimah Jumanah” Mosque. Jumanah is the daughter of Abu Talib, the younger sister of Ali bin Abi Talib.


The area is in Tanim Village, which is known as the location where the Aisyah Mosque was founded. Approaching the Hajj season, the Aisyah Mosque is busy with worshipers taking miqat and ihram intentions. 


The Aisyah Mosque building covering an area of six thousand meters on an area of 84 thousand square meters on the Mecca-Medina crossing was last renovated by King Fadh bin Abdul Aziz at a cost of 100 million riyals. 


This mosque has been a favorite location for the congregation to carry out the intention of ihram since 9 Hijriyah. 


There is a pedestrian bridge in front of the mosque, with ample parking and sufficient bathrooms to make this miqat location representative for the congregation.

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