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Alas Kedaton Is One Of The Monkey Forest Tourist Attractions In Bali

Holiday Ayo - The monkey forest tourist attraction on the island of Bali is not only Kedaton area, but there is also a monkey forest in Sangeh, Badung district and a monkey forest in Ubud, Gianyar district, all of which are forest recreation areas and popular tour destinations.

The visit to the monkey forest is adjusted to the route packaged in the tour, such as the Alas Kedaton Tabanan monkey forest which is usually packaged with a visit to Taman Ayun, Bedugul, Alas Kedaton monkey forest and watching the beautiful sunset at the Tanah Lot tourist destination.

source: DeJava

The monkeys who live in the Alas Kedaton monkey forest in the Tabanan tourist area are relatively tame, they are used to seeing and interacting with different visitors, when they enter the gate with their cute and adorable monkey behavior, they are able to give you a warm welcome.

Children usually really like this kind of atmosphere, if you are on holiday with them, put on your Bali tour agenda the Alas Kedaton tourist destination. Recreation in the middle of the forest, far from the crowds, will provide new experiences and a different feel during your holiday on the Island of the Gods, Bali.

Monkeys or macaques in Alas Kedaton Tabanan, have quite a sharp sense of smell, they can smell small food tucked in your bag or clothing pocket, they will not bite, however, avoid bringing food, unless it is intended for the monkeys there.

You even need to keep other knick-knacks such as glasses, wallets and cellphones safe, they are docile but like to be nosy and curious, there are a number of local guides at this recreation area who can help you, if something untoward happens.

source: Inclusive Bali Tour

You can give them food, so stock up on peanuts, because they really like this food, don't disturb their presence, because they might think they feel threatened.

Prepare your camera and capture your valuable tourism and recreation experiences while at the Alas Kedaton tourist attraction, located in a protected forest with towering tropical trees accompanied by cute and tame monkeys.

Visiting the Alas Kedaton Tabanan tourist attraction, you can not only see the agility of monkeys, but dozens of bats can be seen hanging from branches and trees. You can also take photos with these animals.

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