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Bali Botanical Gardens One of the Tourist Attraction in Tabanan, Bali

Holiday Ayo - Starting from the idea of Prof. Ir. Kusnoto Setyodiwiryo, Director of the Center for Natural Research who also served as Head of the Indonesian Botanical Gardens, and I Made Taman, Head of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Preservation at that time who wanted to establish a branch of the Botanical Gardens outside Java, in this case Bali. Approaches to the Bali Regional Government began in 1955, until finally in 1958 the competent authorities in Bali officially offered the Natural Research Center Institute to establish a Botanical Garden in Bali.

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Based on the agreement, the location of the Botanical Gardens is set at 50 ha, which includes the Candikuning reforestation forest area and is directly adjacent to the Batukau Nature Reserve . Exactly on July 15 1959 the Bali "Eka Karya" Botanical Garden was inaugurated by Prof. Ir. Kusnoto Setyodiwiryo, Director of the Central Institute for Natural Research as a realization of the Decree of the Regional Head of Level I Bali dated 19 January 1959 No. 19/E. 3/2/4.

The name "Eka Karya" for the Bali Botanical Gardens was proposed by I Made Taman. “ Eka ” means One and “ Karya ” means Results of Work. So "Eka Karya" can be interpreted as the first Botanical Garden which was the result of the work of the Indonesian people themselves after Indonesia became independent. This botanical garden is devoted to collecting Gymnosperms (needle-leaf plants) from all over the world because these types can grow well in the botanical garden. The first collection was mostly imported from the Bogor Botanical Gardens and the Cibodas Botanical Gardens , including Araucaria bidwillii, Cupressus sempervirens and Pinus masoniana. Other types of plants that are native to this area include Podocarpus imbricatus and Casuarina junghuhniana.

Since it was officially established, the development of the "Eka Karya" Bali Botanical Garden has always experienced ups and downs with changes in management, namely between the Bali Provincial Forestry Service and the Botanical Garden itself. The management of the Botanical Gardens was twice entrusted to the Bali Provincial Forestry Service, namely on 15 July 1959 – 16 May 1964 and after the G 30 S/PKI incident (1966 – 1975). Direct garden management by botanical garden staff was also carried out during 2 periods, namely from 16 May 1964 – December 1965 and 1 April 1975 until now.

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Since 1964 until now, the "Eka Karya" Bali Botanical Gardens have experienced 11 changes of leadership with various reforms. Under the leadership of I Gede Ranten, B.Sc. (1975 – 1977), the area of the botanical garden increased to 129.2 ha. The expansion was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences at that time, Prof. Dr. Ir. Tubagus Bachtiar Rifai on April 30 1976 which was marked by the planting of Chamae cyparis obtus a.

Under the leadership of Ir. Mustaid Siregar, M.Si (2001 – 2008) the area of the botanical garden increased again to 157.5 ha. Although initially its establishment was intended for the conservation of needle-leaved plants (Gymnosperms), now the Botanical Gardens, which are located at an altitude of 1,250 – 1,450 m above sea level with temperatures ranging between 18 – 20 °C and humidity of 70 – 90%, have developed into an ex-situ plant conservation area tropical mountains in eastern Indonesia. Its current status is the Technical Implementation Unit of the Bali "Eka Karya" Botanical Garden Plant Conservation Center.

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