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Between Heritage, Historical Tourism Destination Icons and Journalism

Holiday Ayo - For those of you who are interested in historical tourism and journalism in Indonesia, a place called the Antara Heritage Center (AHC) could be an option to visit.

AHC was inaugurated directly by BUMN Minister Erick Thohir at the Antara Pasar Baru Complex, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (14/5). 


During the inauguration, Erick hoped that AHC could become a new icon for historical and journalism tourism destinations in the city of Jakarta. 


“This is a joint commitment to safeguarding the nation's heritage. I hope that the existence of the Antara Heritage Center will not only tell history, but also be able to create new history in collaboration and innovation. Let's make this building our commitment to continue to develop and innovate in presenting information quality to the community, let's protect Heritage together," said Erick at the inauguration, Tuesday (14/5). 


Meanwhile, the Main Director (Dirut) of Perum LKBN Antara, Akhmad Munir, said that the Antara Heritage Center is expected to color the diversity of tourism destinations with journalism nuances in Indonesia. 


“We hope that the presence of AHC can be an inspiration and lead to Antara becoming the first mass media to become a tourist destination in Indonesia," he said. 


The AHC complex is a cultural heritage building that has just been revitalized. AHC is included in class A cultural heritage buildings which are part of Weltevreden (the main residential area for Europeans on the outskirts of Batavia, Dutch East Indies, which is approximately 10 kilometers from old Batavia to the south). 


This building area is a witness to history, including the place where the proclamation of independence was first echoed throughout the world. 


This building has also gone through a period of difficult struggle and as of 2024 it will be 107 years old. 


“This morning we can be witnesses together, God willing, Antara will continue to accompany the Indonesian nation in guarding the exact same historical journey when Antara spread the independence of the Republic of Indonesia throughout the world," he said.


The Antara Heritage Center complex consists of Griya Aneta and Graha Antara. Griya Aneta was built by a media magnate from the Dutch East Indies, Dominique Willem Barrety in 1917. 


This building later became the Dutch News Agency Aneta and changed ownership to the Antara News Agency in 1962 when President Sukarno strengthened his position and confirmed the Aneta news agency and the Japanese news agency Domei in Pasar Baru belongs to Antara News Agency. 


The two buildings have been revitalized into the Antara Heritage Center with various facilities and rooms in accordance with current community needs without losing their history and meaning from decades ago. 


A number of facilities and rooms at AHC include the Adinogoro Meeting Room, Collaboration Meeting Room, Antara Museum, Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Adam Malik Main Loby, Atelier Room, Langit Garden Space, Langit Garden 1, and Langit Garden 2.

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