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Blenduk Church, One of the Tourist Attraction in Semarang

Holiday Ayo - Of the many old buildings in the Kota Lama area, one that is still well maintained and still in use today is the Blenduk Church. This church is actually called the Immanuel Protestant Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB).

The name "Blenduk" is a nickname from the local community which means round dome. Covered in bronze, the large dome of the church can be said to be very special. With white and brown accents at the top, this church has become a favorite tourist destination in Kota Lama, Semarang.

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Not only for worship, but this church is also really good for your photography activities. Because of this, this place has also become a classic tourist destination which also has historical value. If you travel to Semarang, you will definitely feel complete if you visit this old European-style building.

This charming church was built during the Dutch colonial period in 1753. The architectural design is in accordance with the concept of Neo Gothic art, which shows a European touch in the construction process.

Initially, the church building was in the form of a stilt house typical of Javanese architecture. Then the stilt house was renovated in 1787. Then Dutch architects named HPA Wilde and Westmas added two towers and renovated the roof into a dome in 1894.

This church has a regular octagon or octagonal plan with the main hall located in the center in the form of a dome. Because it is a cultural heritage building, the original shape of the building cannot be changed.

Finding GPIB Immanuel Semarang is very easy, especially since it is located in Kota Lama, the full address is Jalan Letjen Suprapto No. 32, Tanjung Mas, North Semarang, Semarang, Central Java.

Because Kota Lama is famous for its ancient architecture, around this church there are also several other buildings from the Dutch colonial period, such as the Marba Building, Jiwasraya Building and the Kerta Niaga office.

To reach the location, visitors can use private vehicles or public transportation. If you use public transportation, from Ungaran Terminal you can take bus number 2, the bus goes to Rejomulyo bus terminal, from that terminal take bus C10. You can get off at the bus stop on Jalan Mt. Haryono 514 who then continued the journey on foot, about 10 minutes.

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Visitors coming from outside the city by plane can land at Ahmad Yani Airport. Then continue by taking bus number 4 to Tawang. Visitors can get off at Jalan Gajah Mada, then continue walking to the location in approximately 10 minutes.

Then visitors who use the train can get off at Tawang Station. From there, take bus number 4 to Cangkiran, then get off at the City Hall Shelter. From the shelter you have to cross and take a bus bound for Tawang until you reach Jalan Gajah Mada.

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