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Citilink Passengers Smoking on Planes, Threatened with a Fine of IDR 2.5 Billion

Holiday Ayo - A video showing passengers on a Citilink plane smoking in the middle of the flight is circulating on social media.

This incident occurred on a flight from Batam to Surabaya on Saturday 18 November 2023. 

In the video uploaded by the @terang_media account, it appears that initially there were reports of passengers smoking. 


Then, four officers were seen entering the plane and taking out the perpetrator, who was wearing black clothes. 


He was questioned by the airline in the plane's lavatory and admitted all his actions.


Responding to this incident, Head of Corporate Secretary Division PT Citilink Indonesia, Haza Ibnu Rasyad, said that the passenger was proven to have committed a violation by smoking in the airplane toilet.


The person concerned has now been handed over to aviation security officers on the ground. 


“Follow-up actions will be carried out in accordance with applicable regulations to ensure compliance with aviation regulations," said Haza. 


PT Citilink Indonesia continued Haza, emphasizing its commitment to consistently maintain the safety, security and comfort aspects of flights, so that all air travel can take place optimally. 


“We also appreciate the air and ground officers who swiftly responded to this incident," he concluded. 


Please note, in aviation regulations it is stated that someone who smokes on an airplane violates Article 54 of Law Number 1 of 2009 concerning Aviation. 


Every person on board an aircraft during a flight is prohibited from:


* Actions that could endanger aviation security and safety; 

* Violation of flight rules; 

* Removal or destruction of aircraft equipment that could endanger safety; 

* Immoral acts; 

* Actions that disturb the peace; or 

* Operation of electronic equipment that interferes with flight navigation. 


The act of smoking can endanger flight safety. If it has a bad impact, passengers can be subject to sanctions in the form of a maximum fine of IDR 2.5 billion or imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years. This sanction is regulated in Article 412 paragraph 6 of the Aviation Law.

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