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Come to Akita, Host to Japan's Most Important Intangible Folk Cultural Assets!

Holiday Ayo - Akita, located in the northwestern part of the Tohoku region, has the largest number of Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties in Japan. There is also the Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival in spring, Omagari Fireworks in summer, and Yokote Kamakura in winter. The Oyu Stone Circle and the Takinokashira large spring group, are also recommended as mysterious secret spots!

1. Lake Tazawa

source: Japan Guide

Lake Tazawa is a circular lake with a circumference of around 1.9 km and a water depth of around 426 meters, the deepest in Japan. Drinking the water of Lake Tazawa is said to make you stay young and bring beauty. This mysterious lake, which has the legend of Princess Tatsuko who became a dragon, is surrounded by historical places, historical sites and recreation areas. With a tourist boat, you can enjoy a trip here.

2. Kakunodate Bukeyashiki Street


Bukeyashiki Street in the Kakunodate area is famous for its Uchimachi. In the Bukeyashiki District, don't miss Tamachi where the samurai received their salaries from the Akita lords and where Satake Ujinao Omi lived. In addition to the 5 storehouses of the Nishinomiya family, there are various buildings such as the Shinchosha Memorial Literature Museum built to pray for the founder of Shinchosha and the Ota western-style house.

3. Nyuto Hot Springs Village


Nyuto Onsen is the collective name for seven hot springs scattered around the foot of Mount Nyuto in Hachimantai National Park in Towada. Seven inns of different styles have their own hot springs, and in total there are more than 10 types of hot springs. It is said that hot spring tourism is good for all kinds of illnesses. In the cool air surrounded by virgin beech forests, wild plants and natural edible mushrooms can also be sampled.

4. Takinokashira  

source: Wisata Jepang

Takinokashira, which has long been used as a water source for agriculture and drinking water, is located at the northern foot of Mount Kanpu. The emerald green water surface at the back of the promenade covered with large cedar trees has high transparency and a fantastic atmosphere. To visit the water source on weekdays, you must obtain permission from the water purification plant office at the entrance. There are free water supply facilities along the road.

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