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Conspiracy Theory that is Said to be the Cause of the Sinking of the Titanic

Holiday Ayo - Do you still remember the Titanic? legendary big ship from England that sank in the North Atlantic sea.

The ship with the full name RMS Titanic was built in a harbor in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Registered in Liverpool, this large liner sailed from the English city of Southampton, on April 10, 1912.

Initially, the Titanic was scheduled to arrive in New York, United States, on April 17, 1912.

But, something unimaginable happened. On April 14, 1912, the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic at 02:20 in the morning. Other sources also say that the Titanic sank on April 15, 1912.

And like other incidents in world history, many people around the world conduct personal research to large-scale group research through various sources of literature and others.

From all this research, it is stated that there are several conspiracy theories that caused this giant ship to sink.

Reporting from the YouTube channel 'The Infographics Show', the following conspiracy theories are said to be the cause of the sinking of the Titanic:

1. Germany

The first world war started in 1914 or 2 years after the sinking of the Titanic. During these years, the British considered Germany their greatest threat.

Emperor Wilhelm II, Germany's leader at the time, was said to have wanted to build a much larger ship than the British owned.

About 3 years after the Titanic sank, a ship sank a British passenger liner off the coast of Ireland. There were a total of 1,198 fatalities due to the incident.

This has led some to believe that a ship of some kind sank the Titanic, before it even hit the ice on the open sea.

It is reported that Titanic passengers glimpsed the appearance of an American rescue ship. Several other people said that there was an appearance of a submarine.

However, the ship turned out to be not an American ship, and Germany was rumored to be the owner of the submarine.

2. J.P. Morgan

source : Encyclopedia Britannica

Famous American bank, J.P. Morgan, reportedly lent a lot of money to finance not only the construction of the Titanic, but also the Olympic, which is his 'sister' ship with the number '400'.

Due to several problems and so on, the top officials of J.P. It was rumored that Morgan converted the Olympic prototype ship to become the Titanic which would sail to America.

There are also some people who theorize that they are actually at J.P. Morgan did not want any casualties drowned because of their plan.

Even so, there are also those who report that there are several enemies that they want to sink with the Titanic.

When the search for the wreck of the Titanic was carried out, the number 401, which is the number of the giant ship, was not found.

3. Curse of the mummy

William Stead and John Jacob Astor were passengers on the Titanic which sank on 14/15 April 1912.

Stead often talked about a chest containing a mummy that would kill anyone near it, or that the place where the mummy was located would have an unfortunate fate.

The mummy was finally reportedly brought to the Titanic to prove whether the curse was true.

But actually, the chest containing the mummy was never taken to the Titanic, and is now in a museum in England

4. Number 390904

This rumor is said to have appeared sometime in the 1950s. This figure is said to be another number that was on the Titanic.

When viewed upside down with a mirror, the number can be read as 'No Pope' or means 'No Pope'.

It is rumored that a Christian, whether Protestant or Catholic, who boarded the ship and went down with it, saw the numbers upside down in the mirror, and believed that the Titanic would have bad luck.

5. David Blair

A captain named David 'Davy' Blair who was originally assigned to lead the voyage of the Titanic from Southampton to New York was instead assigned to another voyage.

Rumor has it that Davy, annoyed at not having the opportunity to lead the largest voyage of the time, put the binoculars in a locker on the Titanic and locked it.

The key was reportedly taken by Blair and members of his crew.

There are those who believe that if the binoculars had not been kept in a locker, they might have been used and prevented the Titanic from hitting the ice.

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