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Data and Documents Required for Pertalite and Solar Purchase List

Holiday Ayo - PT Pertamina (Persero) through its subsidiary, PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, will open registration of vehicles and identities on the MyPertamina website starting July 1. The registration was carried out to implement a trial of purchasing subsidized fuel oil (BBM) of the Pertalite and Solar types through the MyPertamina application.

As cited from, Pertamina Patra Niaga President Director Alfian Nasution said, from the registration to buy Pertalite and Solar on MyPertamina, users will get a QR Code that can be used to purchase subsidized fuel at Pertamina gas stations.

"The data of registered users who have received this QR Code is part of recording the distribution of Pertalite and Solar so that they can be more targeted, we can see the trend, who the users are," he said, Wednesday (29/6).

To ensure that the implementation can be carried out smoothly, Alfian said, the stages of registration to buy Pertalite and Solar on MyPertamina are not difficult. The public can access the website and prepare the required data and documents, including the following:

                     ID CARD

                     vehicle registration

                     Vehicle photos

                     Email address

                     Other supporting documents.

If all the requirements have been met, the public can register through the specified site.

"The data that has been registered will be verified or matched according to the requirements. If everything is fulfilled a maximum of 7 working days, then the user will be declared registered and receive a QR Code via email, or through notifications on the website," said Alfian.

If they receive a notification of a lack or incompatibility of documents, the public can try again to fill in vehicle data and identity according to the recommendations for existing deficiencies.

For convenience and to anticipate obstacles in the field, apart from being accessed using the MyPertamina application, the QR Code received can also be printed out and brought physically to the gas station when you want to refill Pertalite and Solar. The QR Code will then be matched with the data by the gas station operator.

"People don't need to worry, the steps are very easy, the important thing is to make sure you have registered and make sure the data has been confirmed. If you have received the QR Code, the transaction will run as usual," said Alfian.

For information, the implementation of the first stage of distributing subsidized fuel with a QR code will be carried out in Padang Panjang City, Agam Regency, Tanah Datar Regency, Bandung City, Sukabumi City, Tasikmalaya City, Ciamis Regency, Banjarmasin City, Yogyakarta City, and Manado.

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