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During the Pandemic, Boba Drinks Up to Korean Street Food were the Most Ordered

Holiday Ayo - During the Covid-19 pandemic, some Korean-style food and drinks went viral in Indonesia. Indonesian people are increasingly eating snacks through food ordering application services.

As cited from, F&B Indonesia (F&B ID) revealed four culinary brands that are loved by the public.

1. Chatime


One of the famous Taiwanese brewed tea brands in Indonesia is Chatime. The shop, which has been around for 11 years, offers more than 50 types of fresh drinks.

General Manager Marketing F&B ID, Lany Cucu, explained that the favorite drink at Chatime is milk tea. This is a tea drink combined with milk that tastes sweet and is suitable for thirst quenching. It tastes better when you add pearl topping, namely tapioca pearls or boba.

Another recommended drink is Chatime hazelnut chocolate milk tea. A blend of milk tea with chocolate and hazelnuts, this drink is even more delicious when you add a pudding topping.

2. Chatime atealier


Chatime atealier has a premium outlet concept and offers luxury drinks at affordable prices. The drink is processed using a nitro engine so that it presents a cold sensation and a fresher taste.

Atealier is different from the usual Chatime, starting from the menu, cups, and packaging. In addition, the price is also 20 to 25 percent more expensive.

The favorite drink at the Chatime Atealier outlet is Atealier's royal milk tea. They also highlighted several creations, including creme brulee and pineapple tart drinks.

3. Cupbob


At Cupbob, modern Korean food is easy to find. Rice bowls to Korean street food have been his mainstay since 2016. Now, Lany sees that Korean influence is getting more and more extraordinary.

According to a survey by The State of Snacking 2021, 60 percent of Indonesians snacked more during the pandemic than before. Lany said, Cupbop responded by launching various variants of Korean street food, for example by presenting K-pop chikin with five choices of special sauces in June.

Not only that, Cupbop also collaborated with nearly 100 Chatime outlets throughout Indonesia in the Once Upon A Snack Time campaign and managed to sell more than one million Korean street food in just eight months from the day of its release.

Hero product Cupbop has chicken rice bowl, which is a variant of chikin bop (Korean fried chicken served on rice sprinkled with nori) with Korean special sauce. Cupbop also presents Korean street food such as hotdakk, Kpop chikin, rapokki, tokpokki, and sokkochi.

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