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Earth Festival Indonesia 2023 will be held for 3 days

Holiday Ayo - Earth Festival Indonesia will be held again in 2023 with the theme "Culture of Humanity: Honoring the Earth and Respecting All Beings".

This year's event will be held for three days, on 20-22 October 2023 at Central Park Mall, Jakarta. 


In a written statement received by, Monday (18/9), the event aims to increase public awareness of the importance of respecting all forms of life and protecting and respecting nature and the living creatures in it. 


Through this event, it is hoped that it can foster a culture of respect for all forms of life and change human views, which have been exploitative towards nature, to be more full of love and respect for life.


Earth Festival Indonesia 2023 is also committed to being a forum for all groups, taking an active role in maintaining the balance of nature and our earth, and respecting every creature in it.


The committee involved in the event are volunteers and environmental activists who have been contributing since 2017.


The series of events consists of a vegan food and product bazaar, Eartharium (Love of Nature Educational Exhibition), talk shows, cooking demonstrations with professional chefs, competitions, door prizes, and art performances. 


More than just an entertainment event, the Earth Festival is a forum for innovative ideas and concrete steps in protecting and preserving the earth. 


All stakeholders, whether individuals, organizations and governments, are invited to contribute to greater collective efforts to combat climate change and prevent its devastating impacts.

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