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Family Offices Created by Indonesia Are Already Targeted by Foreign Investors

Holiday Ayo - Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, claims that there are already rich people and foreign investors registering for the family office program in Indonesia. 

Because of this, he is confident and confident that the family office concept prepared by the government will be able to attract large funds from abroad into Indonesia. 


“Our family office is currently preparing this. That is also one of our efforts, so that we can also attract external funds to map Indonesia. And from there we can make domestic investments and create jobs and of course benefit the Indonesian people in the future," said Minister Luhut, after attending The Global Dialogue On Sustainable Ocean Development, in Sanur, Denpasar City, Friday (5/7). 


“There are already several (foreign investors), in fact it's extraordinary. They have said that we are the first to register, there are several names, maybe in the next two or three weeks, if it takes shape then we will let you know," he added. 


He also said the family office was effective in attracting foreign funds. He gave the example of a family office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


According to Luhut, there is a building containing 400 family offices and the funds withdrawn could reach trillions of dollars. 

According to him, if Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong can create family offices, why can't Indonesia. 


“We will see that in Dubai there is one building containing 400 family offices, the figure could be trillions of dollars. The question is, if it can be done in Dubai, it can be done in Singapore and Hong Kong, why can't it be done in Indonesia, in Bali and in Jakarta or in IKN, of course it can depend on all of us," he said. 


“So we have to make ourselves competitive with other countries. We should not be afraid of other people making a profit, yes, if we make a profit he will also make a profit, if he doesn't make a profit he won't come to us," he said. 


When asked about investors who were already interested, Luhut still kept it a secret. 


“(Investors who are interested) are from abroad, rich families from abroad. (As for the team) yes, now we are working, later we will visit Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong and to see how they manage, we have to be smarter with these countries. countries that are more advanced than us," he said. 


Family office is a private company that handles investment management and wealth management for wealthy families. 


It aims to grow and transfer wealth effectively between generations. Luhut explained that currently there are several countries in the world that host the assets of these rich people. 


Two of them are in Asia, namely Singapore with 1,500 and Hong Kong 1,400 family offices.

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