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For Convenience, Telkomsel Ensures Network Infrastructure Readiness at the Motocross Grand Prix

Holiday Ayo - One more day, to be precise on June 24, 2022, the international standard motocross event Motocross Grand Prix (MXGP) of Indonesia Samota Sumbawa will take place in Samota.

Therefore, Telkomsel ensures the readiness of its network infrastructure to provide convenience and reliability in communicating during the MXGP Samota event.

Vice President of Network Service Management Area Java Bali, Juanita Erawati said the MXGP Samota 2022 event held in Samota Sumbawa is one of the international events that is an opportunity for the nation to show the various potentials that exist to the world.

In supporting the implementation of the event, we strengthened the coverage and capacity of the network by building a total of 5 Combat. A total of 3 combats are installed in the circuit area, 1 combat is installed at Samawa Seaside, and 1 combat is on the access route to the circuit.

With the addition of capacity and network optimization, the capacity will increase to around 30,000 users. In addition, network optimization is also carried out at supporting locations such as hotels, airports and ports.

Supporting the MXGP Samota motorcycle racing event, Telkomsel presents a digital connectivity experience with the leading 5G broadband network technology. During the national sports event, the public and visitors can enjoy a digital experience using the 5G network in the MXGP Samota circuit area.

"We are also deploying the Hyper 5G network in the Samota MXGP Circuit area to provide a new digital activity experience for visitors," Juanita concluded, as reported by

In addition to optimizing the network, Telkomsel presents various programs, as well as presents various products and services that are able to open wider opportunities for customers to get the best digital activity experience while in the area.

In the MXGP Samota area, Telkomsel presents a booth where customers can get the best experience to enjoy various leading superior products and services from Telkomsel such as data packages and physical internet vouchers, top up pulses at affordable prices, InternetMAX packages, upgrade/change uSIM cards to 4G, Telkomsel Orbit, various digital entertainment services, as well as Telkomsel POIN redemption for exclusive merchandise.

Telkomsel also provides sales booths at a number of points on the main route, such as Sultan Muhammad Kaharuddin Airport, Sumbawa, and at the IKM Center, Poto Tano Port, West Sumbawa.

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