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Get to Know the History of the Origin of the Plate Dance

Holiday Ayo - Plate dance is a traditional dance originating from Minangkabau. Traditionally it can be said that plate dance originates from Solok, West Sumatra. This dance displays the action of dancing using plates. 

The dancers will swing the plates in the palms of their hands in harmony with the accompanying music and move quickly and regularly without letting go or letting any of the plates fall. The plate dance movement is taken from the Minangkabau silat movement or what is usually called silek.

The plate dance was popularized by Huriah Adam. In modern times, the plate dance is usually used as a welcome to welcome honored guests or is also usually used to open a traditional ceremony. The plate dance is very popular in Indonesia, along with other dances, such as the saman, jaipong and pendet dances which are often used as dances to welcome distinguished guests at several events and are used as a means of promoting tourism and culture in Indonesia.

As has been said above, it is said that traditional plate dance originates from Solok, West Sumatra. We quoted this history from the Ministry of Education and Culture, it is estimated that plate dance has existed since the 12th century. Very long, right? In the past, Minangkabau people still believed in gods. Initially, the plate dance was used as a public worship dance to the Goddess of Rice every time the harvest season arrived, people did this to express gratitude for the success of their harvest.

Plate dance is also a form of traditional dance that is rich in high aesthetic values and also has deep ancestral cultural values so that dance can be a form of thanksgiving and an illustration of the people's deep gratitude to the gods who have fertilized and created results. their harvest would not fail.

This ritual is usually carried out by local people by bringing several offerings, usually the offerings are brought in the form of food and then the offerings are placed on a plate while taking steps with regular, synchronous and dynamic movements.

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