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Gyoza, a Typical Japanese Dumpling that is Really Delicious

Holiday Ayo - If you love dimsum and dumplings, you really need to know what gyoza is. One type of dimsum contains minced meat which is usually cooked by pan frying. However, it is not uncommon for gyoza to be steamed or fried. With its distinctive taste, this gyoza is a favorite of quite a lot of people.

Reporting from Japan Guide, gyoza is a food that originates from mainland China under the name jiaozi. It is said that jiaozi was made by Zhang Zhongjing who was an expert in traditional medicine. Jiaozi filling is made full of protein and spices that make the body warm.

source: Kecipir

Eating jiaozi in winter is something warming and comforting. However, in its home country, jiaozi is made by steaming. The skin made from flour dough feels soft and makes an interesting texture in jiaozi.

Unlike jiaozi, gyoza has a stronger aroma and a different cooking method. Gyoza is more often cooked using a pan frying technique which is quite unique. Gyoza is grilled first in a flat pan until the bottom is slightly browned. Then, the bottom of the pan is poured with a mixture of water and cornstarch. The pan is then covered until the water runs out and the gyoza are cooked.

With this cooking method, this food, which can also be a snack, is soft on the top but crispy on the bottom. The roasted aroma also adds to the enjoyment. In English, this cooking technique is often called potstickers, which means it sticks to the pan in which it is cooked.


Traditionally, gyoza fillings are minced pork, cabbage, scallions, garlic, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. Another thing that makes gyoza have a distinctive aroma is chive leaves, which are also known as garlic chives or nira chives.

This one leaf is indeed similar to a mixture of onion and garlic which is quite aromatic. However, the chives also make the gyoza taste special.

Once it entered Indonesia and other countries with Muslim populations, gyoza adapted well, especially in the filling part. Pork is replaced with minced chicken or beef.

source: Asta Homeware

It's not uncommon for gyoza to be made vegan with just vegetables in it. Usually, this typical Japanese food is used as a side dish or snack and is easy to find in Chinese, Japanese restaurants or dimsum shops.

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