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Healthy and Delicious Here are 5 Typical Greek Foods

Holiday Ayo - All countries in the world, of course, have a lot of special foods from these countries, such as typical Greek food. Typical food even then has a difference when compared to the typical food of other countries, according to the conditions and natural appearance that exist in the regions of each country. With certain foods, someone who lives in that area can live well and adapt to the natural conditions that exist in that country.

It's the same with Greece. Greece also has some special foods of its own, which are different from other countries in the world. Curious about typical Greek food?

1. Feta Cheese

source: Banjaran Foodie

Cheese is indeed familiar to all people in the world. In fact, many modern foods are made with processed cheese. Cheese itself does have many kinds. However, what about feta cheese? Are you familiar with this feta cheese?

Feta cheese is a typical Greek food which is made from sheep's milk. Feta cheese itself has a saltier taste when compared to other cheeses because feta cheese is made by soaking it in a salt solution for some time. Not only salty, feta cheese also has a harder texture and a slightly whitish color. Usually this feta cheese is used as a mixture of various other typical Greek foods.

2. Pita Bread

source: All Ways Delicious

If Indonesia claims rice as its staple food, Greece will claim pita bread as its staple food. This pita bread is made using flour which is not baked at all like what is commonly done in Indonesia. Therefore, whoever eats pita bread, of course, will be very full. This bread has a rounded and slightly flat shape and the middle is empty. This bread also has a bland taste and is eaten with other typical Greek foods, for example tzatziki or souvlaki.

3. Souvlaki

source: Barbara Bakes

The next typical Greek food is Souvlaki. Souvlaki is one of the typical Greek foods that is delicious and easy to find, because if you go to Greece, there will be lots of shops or restaurants selling this food. if you look at Indonesian food, this souvlaki has the same physical form as satay. Souvlaki itself is made using chicken, beef, or goat meat, but you can also use shrimp, squid, mushrooms, and even cheese. This souvlaki is usually just placed on a plate or can also be served using a sandwich.

4. Spanakopita

source: Culinary Hill

Indonesia is known as one of the countries that has a typical food in the form of martabak. And so is Greece. Spanakopita is a typical Greek food which is a little similar to martabak in Indonesia. However, in Indonesia, martabak is dominated by sweet fillings or egg fillings, unlike Greece, which fills martabak with a mixture of spinach and eggs, then the filling is wrapped in phyllo pastry.

To add to the delicacy, of course, don't forget that this spanakopita is served with soft and savory feta cheese, and a spread of sauce made from a mixture of lemon, chili, onion, and also paprika. This food will be very delicious if consumed while still hot.

5. Moussaka

source: BBC

Are you familiar with Lasagna? Well, this Moussaka is one of the typical Greek foods that has a shape that is quite similar to lasagna. Usually what we know is that lasagna is a pasta that contains beef, pasta sauce, and also mixed with various kinds of cheese. However, for the moussaka itself, the contents are baked pasta containing eggplant, minced beef, and potato pieces at the bottom. Just like lasagna, Moussaka is also equipped with tomato sauce and a sprinkling of cheese on top. For those who ask how does it feel? The taste is so exotic! You must try this food when you visit Greece.

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