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High Economic Value, Indonesia's Palm Oil Commodities Are Affected by Negative Issues

Holiday Ayo - Palm oil has made Indonesia the largest producer of palm oil in the world. Palm oil products and their derivatives have also been exported to all corners of the world, making them the largest foreign exchange-producing commodity for Indonesia.

But sadly, negative campaigns and issues are still being developed and spread by anti-palm oil parties, as well as competing countries.

"This is because oil palm is a commodity whose plant morphology can be used as a product of high economic value and value," said CSR Officer of PT Sinarmas Agribusiness and Food Donni Indra in the "Palm Oil Edutalk South Sulawesi" activity as reported by, Thursday ( 23/6).

Based on data from the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki), the value of palm oil exports will reach US$35 billion or around IDR 503.4 trillion in 2021. This achievement has increased by 52 percent compared to the export value of US$22.9 billion in 2020.

Previously, from BPS data, the value of palm oil exports in 2019 reached IDR 15.57 billion or equivalent to IDR 220 trillion.

However, ironically, many of these negative issues come from outside Indonesia and are generally not based on objective facts on the ground.

In addition to global economic competition and the rise of negative issues, not fully understanding the benefits of oil palm is also a challenge that must be resolved immediately.

Therefore, Donni revealed that in 24 hours the daily life of the Indonesian people and even the world, was supported by palm oil.

"Palm oil can be found in all derivative products used in food products, oleochemicals, to fuel," he said.

He added that this activity also explained how to make decorative soaps and candles or aromatherapy products from used palm cooking oil or used cooking oil.

"This aims to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and to utilize palm oil waste," concluded Donni.

Previously, several issues were circulating regarding the negative impacts of oil palm, including the flash flood in South Kalimantan which was said to have occurred due to the clearing of oil palm land. Then, forest destruction in Papua is also suspected to be the result of the activities of an oil palm plantation company.

Not only that, peatland fires and conflicts over oil palm land in forest areas have also become polemics related to the palm oil industry.

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