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History of the Traditional Game of Gasing

Holiday Ayo - For those who experienced childhood in the 1970-1980s, of course they still know the game of gasing, a traditional Malay game. Top games are starting to fade amidst the brilliance of modern games such as online games, mobile legends, XboX, and augmented reality.

In its heyday, the top game was played by many boys and adults in various Malay tribal areas. Then, the game then spread throughout Indonesia. Gasing itself comes from two syllables, namely 'gang' and 'sing'. Where 'alley' means 'alley' or 'land location' and 'sing' means 'sound'.


source:RCTI Plus

The history of the top game can be traced back to ancient times, and variations of the game have existed in various cultures around the world. Although it is difficult to determine its exact origins, spinning tops have been an important part of the traditions and culture of many societies.

Over time, the top game has also experienced developments and adaptations in various cultures, including the use of modern materials and different variations of playing rules. Even though there are modern games such as "beyblade," the traditional top game remains part of a society's cultural and historical identity.


source:Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia

Traditional tops are generally made of wood and the game is played using a rope made of tree bark. Types of wood that are usually used to make tops include gergis, pelawan, iron wood, leban, mentigi, and the like. In some other regions, tops can be made of bamboo.

The basic principle of playing tops is to spin a top using hand movements or a special spinning tool. The main goal of playing tops is to make the top spin as long as possible or defeat the opponent's top by hitting or knocking it over.



The player whose top remains spinning for the longest time is considered the winner. Another model when there is a player who succeeds in hitting or knocking down the opponent's top can also be designated as the winner, depending on the applicable rules.

Gasing games can be played in various modes and variations, and often have different rules depending on local traditions and culture. Apart from that, the spinning top game has also been adapted into more modern toys and board games such as Beyblade in Japan. Beyblade is specially designed with more interesting mechanisms and additional features.

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