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Holiday Destinations Around Brisbane

Holiday Ayo - With the non-stop development of arts and culinary creativity, it's not easy to leave  Brisbane . However, try taking a few days off to enjoy relaxation on an island, boutique beach town, coastal town or adventure inland. Everything can be reached in just a few hours from this city.

1. K'gari (formerly known as Fraser Island)

source: NZ Herald

K'gari is located only about six hours north of Brisbane  by car. Not only is it the largest sand island in the world, but it is also the perfect place to spot wild dingoes,  watch whales  leap from the water, and explore the sand and sea. The island can be visited for  a day trip  from Hervey Bay or the Sunshine Coast, but you can also have the special experience of  camping on the beach . Start your K'gari adventure by visiting some of the island's clearest waters, which you can find at  Lake McKenzie . Then, drive along the sandy stretches of Rainbow Beach and 75 Mile Beach. As the sun sets, don't miss the chance to meet wild dingoes on  a guided walk . If you have more time, consider taking   the six-day K'gari Great Walk , which offers a variety of views.

2. Sunshine Coast

source: Newport Mooloolaba

Just a 90-minute drive from  Brisbane , you will arrive at this country's stunning stretch of coastline. The Sunshine Coast  is a mix of laid-back beach towns and thrilling experiences. Stay in  Noosa  to discover beautiful beaches, seaside dining and relaxing accommodation. About an hour south you'll find  the Glass House Mountains . With steep cliffs and endless views, this place is very interesting to explore. You can even stay at  the relaxing Spicers Tamarind Retreat  nearby. The Sunshine Coast  also features extraordinary animal encounters - the chance to  swim with humpback whales . Slide into the water while holding on to a life buoy and see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Don't forget to stop by  Australia Zoo  on your drive from Brisbane, this is where Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter came from.

3. Hervey Bay

source: Airbnb

Hervey Bay  is a coastal  Queensland destination , so it's no surprise that the main tourist attractions are around the water. The sea around Hervey Bay is known as the best place for whale watching in the country. One of them is the humpback whale, which passes through these calm waters on its migration route. You can see their unique behavior on  a whale watching cruise . Apart from that, there are many other ways to travel on the water. You can  rent a boat or jetski ,  scuba dive  at the world-class Wolf Rock dive site, or explore the vast waters by  renting a fishing boat . If you prefer to stay on land, visit the fishing villages of Toogoom and  Barrum Heads  to explore their sandy beaches, rivers and tributaries. In Hervey Bay, stay at  Mantra  to enjoy a room with a view.

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