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Holiday to the Netherlands? These are 5 Recommended Tourist Attractions There

Holiday Ayo - The Netherlands is rich in natural beauty, history and culture. There are so many places you can visit, maybe you are confused about which one to choose first. For this reason, here are ten recommendations for  tourist attractions in the Netherlands that can be used as a reference.

1. West Frisian Island

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Frisian is a name that is familiar to Indonesian people. The name that is often identified with milk turns out to be the name of a region in the Netherlands, namely the West Frisian Islands. This archipelago is a series of beautiful islands near the coast of the Netherlands with five stunning main islands.

In the West Frisian Islands, you can enjoy views of expansive white sand, green hills, forests and beautiful villages. Get around by bicycle or on foot. The calm beach also invites you to swim and play.

2. Kinderdijk Village

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When we talk about the Netherlands, the land of windmills comes to mind. You can realize this image in Kinderdijk Village. This village, located near the city of Rotterdam, has 19 historic windmills that still function today. The mills have been named a UNESCO world heritage site.

The windmill in this village is a popular tourist attraction in the Netherlands . In Kinderdijk village, visitors can tour while increasing their knowledge about the history of Dutch waters and enjoying the iconic ancient architecture.

3. Amsterdam's Verzetsmuseum

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This museum is dedicated to remembering the resistance and struggle of the Dutch people during World War II. As an Indonesian, it would be quite interesting to see the version of history from a Dutch perspective. Here, you can find stories of Dutch heroes, documentation of Nazi oppression, and underground activities at that time. There is also a collection of artifacts, dioramas and various documentation of the Dutch past.

4. Rijksmuseum


Art lovers should not miss this museum when visiting Amsterdam.  This tourist attraction in the Netherlands exhibits various world-class art collections. Here, you can find works by Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt. Not only paintings, you can also enjoy sculptures and a collection of historical artifacts.

5. De Dam

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While still in the city of Amsterdam, you need to visit the De Dam area to mingle in the center of activity and social life of this city. This is one of the iconic places in the Netherlands which is located in the center of Amsterdam. Here, you can see various historical buildings, old churches, and even royal palaces. De Dam is often used as a venue for festivals and various cultural events. 

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