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Hotel Meruorah Labuan Bajo Prepared to be Location for ASEAN Summit

Holiday Ayo - As the holding company of PT Hotel Indonesia Group (HIG), Hotel Indonesia Natour (HIN) continues to improve supervision and coordinate with various Meruorah Labuan Bajo hotel shareholders to accelerate operational improvements and other supporting facilities.

This is to ensure the readiness of the hotel ahead of the 42nd ASEAN Summit (Summit) in 2023.

As cited from, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Corporate Secretary Shelvy Arifin said, Indonesian President Joko Widodo had also conducted a review regarding the readiness of the Meruorah Hotel for Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) activities and to become an accommodation location for delegates.

"During his visit, the President, who reviewed the progress of operational improvements and supporting facilities at Meruorah, gave a positive response to the progress achieved, which is expected to provide excellent service during the Summit activities," said Shelvy, Friday (17/3).

This Meruorah Hotel is located in the Labuan Bajo Integrated Marina Area. This hotel has also been designated by the government as a Super Priority Tourism Destination (DPSP).

This five-star hotel has 145 rooms equipped with a multifunction hall with a capacity of 1,000 people and the commercial area of Plaza Marina Labuan Bajo. The Meruorah multifunction hall is the largest MICE location in Labuan Bajo.

Shelvy said the Labuan Bajo Integrated Marina Area which was developed by ASDP Indonesia was part of the transformation and innovation of developing the waterfront property business.

"The development of the ASDP waterfront business, especially in Labuan Bajo, is one of the company's efforts in developing and advancing tourism in the country. With assets mostly located by the sea, it encourages ASDP to continue to innovate business, one of which is waterfront property which will support connectivity and hospitality business in Labuan Bajo," he said.

The Labuan Bajo Marina Integrated Area Project is being worked on by PT Indonesia Ferry Property (IFPRO), which is a joint venture between two BUMNs namely PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) and PT Pembangunan Perumahan (Persero) Tbk.

Apart from the Meruorah Hotel, other facilities in the Labuan Bajo Marina Area are a commercial area which is also a location for promoting MSME products; ferry docks and marinas with a berthing capacity of 134 yachts; a beach club that can accommodate 200 people: and a three-star hotel.

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