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How to Track the Position of TransJakarta Buses on Google Maps

Holiday Ayo - Are you a TransJakarta passenger? Confused about where your bus is currently located? Now you don't need to worry because you can track the location of the TransJakarta bus that you will take using the Google Maps application.

This feature is a step forward in public transportation technology, providing convenience and efficiency for bus users in Jakarta. 


With this live tracking feature, passengers can see the position of TransJakarta buses in real-time. This allows passengers to plan their journey better and avoid unnecessary waiting times. 


Previously, Google Maps only displayed scheduled bus schedules, without providing information about the actual position of the bus. 


However, with the update, the app now offers data that is updated every minute, providing an accurate picture of bus movements. 


How to use the TransJakarta live tracking feature Illustration. How to track the position of TransJakarta buses on Google Maps. 


Below are several ways and tips for using the TransJakarta live tracking feature on Google Maps. 


1. Open Google Maps, make sure you have the latest Google Maps application on your device. 

2. Search for the TransJakarta Bus Stop you want to go to in the search bar. 

3. Next, select the desired bus route. 

4. Enable Live View, if available.


Later there will be an option to see the bus position live. Tap on the option. Make sure the internet connection is stable to get accurate information. 


You can also activate notifications to get notifications when the bus you are waiting for approaches. If the bus you are waiting for is delayed, look for an alternative route or another bus that can be used.

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