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If the Minister of Trade does not Lower the Price of Cooking Oil, Traders Threaten to Close the Market for 3 Days

Holiday Ayo - Market traders who are members of the DKI Jakarta Market Cooperative Center (Puskopas) have threatened to close the market for three days. This is done if the Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan or Zulhas does not fulfill his promise to reduce the price of cooking oil and basic commodities within two weeks.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Puskoppas, Gusnal, said that currently it is not only cooking oil whose price is still high. However, other food commodities also soared.

"If this continues, we will move again. We will have a three-day market closing movement," he said as quoted from, Wednesday (22/6).

He said the increase in food prices in the market was a form of government indifference. Because, he said, if the government cared, they should be able to control the prices of basic necessities.

Gusnal also said that Zulkifli promised traders to lower the price of bulk cooking oil to the level of IDR 14,000 per liter within two weeks.

"But if the minister's promise is not fulfilled later, we will move again," he said.

Gusnal stressed that the increase in food commodity prices is not a joke for traders. That is a very important thing.

"For us this is life and death," he said.

Previously, Zulkifli was optimistic that he could lower the price of bulk cooking oil to IDR  14,000 per liter or IDR 15,500 per kg in the next two weeks.

He claimed that currently through the people's cooking oil program, in Jakarta the commodity prices have stabilized according to the highest retail price (HET). In fact, he said the supply of bulk cooking oil was already abundant.

"I am sure in two weeks it will be stable. Although my target is one month, but in two weeks there will be no fuss," he told reporters at Klender Market, East Jakarta.

Zulkifli said that in those two weeks, at least the bulk cooking oil, priced at IDR 14,000 per liter, had spread to Java, Bali and Sumatra.

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