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In Order to be Stable, the Government Invites the Public to Participate in Monitoring Food Supply

Holiday Ayo - The government invites all elements of society to participate in monitoring the pace and supply of food so that prices on the market return to stability.

As cited from, Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga explained that his party is very grateful to all parties and elements of society who have participated in helping the government maintain food price stability in the market.

According to him, in recent times, all trade performances have improved, including the prices of basic commodities in traditional markets in accordance with presidential instructions (Inpres).

"Earlier, I did a direct price review at the Bulu Semarang market and some basic commodities and cooking oil have stabilized in price, in fact we found prices that are cheaper than those determined by the government," said Jerry, Thursday (23/6).

In this regard, General Chairperson of the Army Family Boys and Girls Association (HIPAKAD) Hariara Tambunan in the national dialogue with the theme The Role and Functions of the HIPAKAD Ormas in Strengthening the Nation's Economic Resilience, said that his party will always be ready to maintain and help synergy with the government to maintain economic stability.

In addition to discussing economic issues, he also hopes that this activity can play a role in dispelling hoax news that occurs in the community, especially ahead of the 2024 General Election.

"As in the discussion earlier, for example, Mr. Jerry from the Ministry of Trade conveyed the results of data from BPS to the audience present to inform the audience about the actual condition of the Indonesian economy, so it turns out that the issues of recession that hit several other countries did not occur in Indonesia, because our current government have made excellent efforts to control product prices,” he explained.

In addition to Aakil, the Minister of Trade, this event was also attended by the Regional Secretary of Central Java Province, as well as the Dandim and Police Chiefs throughout Central Java.

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