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Indonesian Popular Foods, Delicious and Loved

Holiday Ayo - Street Food Indonesia Which is Included in the List of the Most Delicious Food in the World

The street food trend has been very popular in recent years, street food is street food that you can find right on the side of the road. Recently Taste Atlas put out a list of the world's best street food, and Chinese quotie is the best.

However, there are several typical Indonesian snacks that are included in the list of the most delicious.

Here are some typical Indonesian street foods that are included in the list of the most delicious foods, cited from CNN Indonesia:

1. Chicken porridge

Those of you who were born and raised in Indonesia are no stranger to Chicken Porridge. Chicken Porridge ranks 13th after the typical Italian panzerotti and Chinese Shengjian monitoring. This one food is a favorite breakfast menu for some Indonesians. Porridge made of rice with a splash of broth and shredded chicken as the main topping.

Generally chicken porridge uses a variety of toppings ranging from pieces of cakwe, celery, green onions, fried onions, soybeans and boiled eggs. Do you like porridge stirred or not stirred?

2. Tempe mendoan

Tempe mendoan is a much-loved variation of fried tempeh. Tempe mendoan ranks 14th as the most delicious street food in the world.

This typical snack from Purwokerto, Central Java uses tempeh which is wider than the usual fried tempeh. The tempeh dough tastes richer thanks to the mixture of garlic and coriander and then topped with chopped green onions.

Tempe has a texture like semi-cooked fried tempeh. It turns out that the name mendoan comes from the word 'mendo' which in Banyumasan means half cooked. Tempe mendoan is delicious served with soy sauce sauce.

3. Pempek

Pempek is included in the list and ranks 37th. Pempek may be widely known as a restaurant menu. However, it is not uncommon for pempek to be found as street food at very affordable prices.

This typical Palembang food is transformed into a simple snack but still maintains a dish like in a restaurant. The street food version of Pempek is usually a submarine pempek complete with slices of cucumber, egg noodles and a splash of cuko sauce.

4. Fried bananas

Fried bananas have been named the most delicious fried snack in the world according to the Taste Atlas. In the street food category, apparently fried bananas are still on the list and are in 40th place.

Fried bananas complement a variety of roadside fried foods besides tempeh, tofu, sweet potatoes, cassava and bakwan.

5. Pancakes

Serabi is right after fried bananas at number 41. Serabi is arguably a pancake with local wisdom.

You can get pancakes in Java Island. Two types of pancakes that are quite widely known are the typical pancakes from Bandung and Solo. Both are quite different even though the shape and processing method are similar.

Serabi Solo uses dough that has been mixed with coconut milk so it just needs to be heated and then served. Meanwhile, Serabi Bandung is served with kinca sauce or a mixture of brown sugar, pandan leaves and coconut milk.

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