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Indonesian Retail Stagnant for 22 Years

Holiday Ayo - The development of the aesthetic industry in Indonesia every year is always changing with new trends. This happens because of the influence of a certain situation in people's lives which ultimately affects the desires and demands, eventually becoming a trend.

However, the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, Teten Masduki revealed, the fact that the retail industry has stagnated or has stagnated for 22 years. Therefore, as a solution, he wants to be able to boost the retail industry through household consumption in the future.

As cited from, Teten Masduki said that the way to do it was by taking advantage of the momentum of the 2022 Indonesia Retail Summit which was initiated by the Indonesian Shopping Center Retailers and Tenants Association (Hippindo). It is hoped that many people will shop and will contribute to national economic growth.

"This is very important to restore our retail, which has stagnated for 22 years. We know that in the second quarter our economic growth improved by 5.44 percent, and 53 percent of it was supported by household consumption," he said in his remarks at the Indonesia Retail Summit. , Monday (15/8).

In order to encourage consumption earlier, Minister Teten mentioned one of them by implementing a national discount. Thus, the community will be facilitated and economic growth will be maintained.

"So we have to move all of us, because in the third quarter we must maintain our economic growth by continuing to encourage our household consumption," he said.

Not only about spending, Minister Teten emphasized that the main focus is on spending on local products. Sarinah is one of the locations that can be an example in promoting local products.

"I think this is very important and of course we must also encourage shopping for domestically made products, we must encourage local brands, I think from Sarinah's experience, private mall managers must also be brave to display local brands," he explained.

Furthermore, regarding Sarinah, Minister Teten also appreciated SOE Minister Erick Thohir. It is known that Minister Erick is one of the figures behind Sarinah's current transformation.

In fact, from the changes made, it is acknowledged by many parties, including Minister Teten, that they are able to attract public attention.

"It is proven in Sarinah that local brands can attract traffic, can attract extraordinary visitors. Applause for Mr. Erick," he said.

Through this event, he again emphasized the importance of people buying local products. This is also part of increasing public attention to domestic products.

"So I think this is a moment for us to start mobilizing people to love domestic products. I think this movement has been around for a long time but has not been successful," he said.

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