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Indonesian Vape Consumers Association Intensifies Education to Reduce Smoking Habit

Holiday Ayo - The Indonesian Vape Consumers Association or Akvindo claims alternative tobacco is a product with a lower health risk profile than conventional tobacco cigarettes. 

Chairman of Akvindo, Paido Siahaan, stated that his party was increasingly intensifying education about alternative tobacco options in reducing smoking prevalence rates. 


“We hope for an active role from the government in educating the public about alternative tobacco products," he said in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Tuesday (14/5). 


Paido said that his party is ready to collaborate with the government to provide active and sustainable education to the community. 


According to him, consumer associations also have an important role in providing credible information about alternative tobacco products to the public. 


Public Health England (PHE), which is now known as the UK Health Security Agency, has published the results of a study entitled Evidence Review of E-Cigarettes and Heated Tobacco Products. 


The research revealed that e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products can reduce risk exposure by 90 to 95 percent less than cigarettes and help more smokers switch their habit. 


The fact that alternative tobacco products are an effective option for adult smokers to switch from their habit is reinforced by the results of research from the University of Bern entitled Electronic Nicotine-Delivery Systems for Smoking Cessation which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2024. 


The results showed that the use of alternative tobacco products increased the success of quitting smoking by 21 percent. 


The Indonesian Vape Retail Association or Arvindo stated that alternative tobacco products according to scientific studies have a lower risk profile than conventional tobacco cigarette products so they can be an option to reduce the number of smokers. 


Chairman of Arvindo, Fachmi Kurnia, said that the government has been fighting hard to reduce the prevalence of smoking, but the efforts carried out have not met expectations. 


“With the existence of alternative tobacco products, the government should open up this option to reduce the number of smokers," he said in Jakarta, Monday. 


Fachmi revealed that scientific facts related to alternative tobacco, such as electronic cigarettes (vape) and heated tobacco products, which have low risks have not been widely communicated to the public.


This situation means that the public still considers alternative tobacco to be harmful to health, so it is not suitable as an alternative option for adult smokers to switch from the habit of sipping tobacco cigarettes. 


According to Fachmi, education about the risk profile of alternative tobacco can help the public obtain information based on research results, thereby correcting the misinformation currently circulating. 


“The government is the most important party in educating the public about the risk profile of alternative tobacco products," he said.

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