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Investments in Indonesia and Thailand and Singapore cannot be compared, this is the reason

Holiday Ayo - The Minister of BUMN, Erick Thohir, continues to encourage State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) to increase collaboration with various parties. 

Erick Thohir wants BUMN to involve Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the private sector and foreign investors with transparency and professionalism, especially in the digital economy sector. 


Erick revealed that Indonesia's digital economic potential could reach IDR 4,500 trillion by 2030. This statement was made at the inauguration of the collaboration between TikTok Indonesia and PT Pos Indonesia in the TikTok | initiative Just post! Creator House at the Kota Tua Post Office, Jakarta. 


Erick emphasized that Indonesia is predicted to enter the top 15 world economies in 2029 and become the top five in 2045. 


However, he emphasized the importance of equality in economic growth. 


“I invite the private sector and foreign investors who believe in the Indonesian market to invest fully. Comparing Indonesia with Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore is a big mistake," said Erick, quoted from, Wednesday (10/7). 


Erick emphasized that mutually beneficial cooperation must be a priority in supporting Indonesia's economic growth. 


He emphasized that Indonesia should not only be seen as a market by investors or other countries. 


“We have become one of the largest economies. I ask that investment in Indonesia be greater than in Thailand or other countries. Don't just make Indonesia a market, then take investment abroad," added Erick. 


Erick stated that BUMN must ensure collaboration that benefits all parties. This is a form of commitment to maintaining economic balance in Indonesia. 


“We are not rejecting investment, but we want investment that is healthy and committed to Indonesia. This is to ensure the creation of jobs and the growth of new MSME entrepreneurs," said Erick.

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