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Kereta Api Indonesia Apologizes and is Ready to Take Firm Action Against the Perpetrators of Sexual Harassment

Holiday Ayo - A few days ago, Twitter's timeline was shocked by the confession of a woman who was sexually harassed by other passengers on the Argo Lawu train to Solo-Jakarta.

As a result of this incident, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) did not remain silent. Through the official KAI121 Twitter account, PT KAI expressed its apologies and steps that can be taken if an unwanted incident occurs.

PT KAI said it had taken firm steps by blacklisting perpetrators of sexual harassment.

"KAI apologizes and takes firm steps by blacklisting the perpetrators of sexual harassment. If #Friends of KAI see or experience acts of sexual harassment in the station and train areas, Railmin urges them to report to the officer or DM us," the account wrote, accompanied by graphic info. regarding reporting of sexual harassment on trains.

Steps that can be taken include staying calm and immediately reporting to KAI 121 officers or social media. It was also explained that the conductor's phone number is available at the end of the cabin of each train.

The officer will immediately take action on the report given. KAI will help victims of sexual harassment to be forwarded to the legal process.

"This policy is implemented to provide a deterrent effect and prevent perpetrators from doing similar things in the future. KAI absolutely does not tolerate acts of sexual harassment and hopes that similar incidents will not be repeated in various other KAI services," said PT KAI in the statement.

It was also stated that KAI would increase supervision and security so as not to give the perpetrators an opportunity to carry out their intentions.

Komnas Perempuan Commissioner, Veryanto Sitohang, welcomed the efforts made by PT KAI to prevent sexual harassment and violence from happening again on trains.

"We appreciate the actions taken by PT KAI to blacklist perpetrators of harassment and other sexual violence on trains," he said as quoted by VOA, Wednesday (22/6).

Very continued, the efforts made by PT KAI to prevent acts of harassment and sexual violence must also be considered by other public transportation modes.

Moreover, public transportation in Indonesia tends not to be friendly to women and other vulnerable groups. So that an effort is needed to prevent acts of sexual violence in public transportation modes.

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