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Kupat Tahu, Typical Indonesian Food that Appetites

Holiday Ayo - Kupat tofu food may not sound foreign to the ears of Indonesian people. Kupat tofu is indeed one of Indonesia's typical foods. Usually we can find this culinary delight in several areas such as Bandung, Singaparna, Magelang and Solo.

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Even though it is spread across various regions, the kupat tofu served is not too different. The basic ingredients in this culinary dish are fried tofu mixed with ketupat, then sprinkled with peanut sauce and sprinkled with crackers as a complement. However, there are peculiarities in the kupat tofu served in the West Java area. The specialty of West Javanese kupat tofu is the addition of paste in the peanut sauce and the vegetables used, consisting of bean sprouts and cucumber.

Sliced fried tofu, bean sprouts and ketupat make the perfect combination in a portion of kupat tofu. One of the keys to the enjoyment of kupat tofu is a sprinkling of peanut sauce which tastes so delicious Ketupat is one of the main ingredients in the kupat tofu dish. One serving of kupat tofu complete with crackers as an accompaniment. Even though it is spread across various regions, the dish of kupat tofu in each region is not much different. A delicious drizzle of thick peanut sauce makes the taste of kupat tofu even more delicious

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One area where you can still easily find kupat tofu is Singaparna. Singaparna is the name of a sub-district in Tasikmalaya Regency which is famous for its delicious kupat tofu taste. The tofu kupat served in this area does not include boiled bean sprouts.

Because its taste is known to be delicious and suitable for the Indonesian palate, we can usually find kupat tofu in various places, from street vendors to restaurants.

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