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Lionel Messi's Diet, Fill With Energy!

Holiday Ayo - Lionel Messi, a world footballer known as a prolific goalscorer and creative playmaker, Messi holds the record as the all-time top scorer in La Liga (474 goals), most goals in La Liga and many more.

Good stamina is very important for a soccer player, just imagine they have to run after the ball for 90 minutes for 2 or 3 sessions. No kidding and strict about diet, here's the Messi-style diet, according to IDN Times, that you must try to stay fit and full of energy :

1. Breakfast

Intake in the morning is very important, because your body does not receive intake after dinner, Messi usually starts breakfast by eating fresh fruit. Fruit is indeed a mainstay of Messi, including before he started competing. Messi also consumes whole grains such as oats, brown rice, quinoa, barley, and so on. Whole grains are known to provide longer energy. 

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The captain of the Argentina national team squad also chose fresh vegetables for breakfast. You can replicate this by making it a salad. So, don't skip breakfast.

2. Match

On matchdays, Lionel Messi usually eats porridge or egg whites. He has been doing this habit for a long time. Eggs are famous for their High Quality Protein. As a high protein food, boiled eggs can be a building material for our body and become the best food alternative for weight loss. These foods are low in calories and filling.

3. Lunch

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At lunch, soup containing vegetables is the mainstay of the owner's full name Lionel Andreas Messi as lunch in a series of diet menus. Closing lunch, Messi chose a salad. To make it healthier than using dressings, you can replace it with lemon and olive oil

4. Dinner

Suited for weight loss, the number 30 for club PSG opened dinner with tuna. Apart from tuna, Messi also chose brown rice because brown rice has been shown to reduce weight and glycemic index. Not to forget, Lionel Messi often consumes protein shakes as a snack. Its content can help withstand hunger.

Consumption of water and avoiding sugar are also routine things that Messi does. You have to try it!

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