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List of Countries That Import Weapons from Israel

Holiday Ayo - The United States continues to support Israel by sending weapons to bombard the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Tens of thousands of people, especially children and women, died as a result of the genocide carried out by Israel. 


Apart from that, Israel is also a weapons manufacturing country. There are as many as 90 countries that buy weapons from Israel, including from Asia.


Historically, Israel's arms imports have far outweighed its exports. However, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), over the last decade the number of exports has begun to consistently exceed the number of imports. 


From 2018 to 2022, at least 35 countries imported weapons from Israel with a total value of US$3.2 billion or the equivalent of IDR 49.89 trillion (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 15,592 per US dollar). 


Of this amount, around a third or US$1.2 billion or equivalent to IDR 18.71 trillion of Israeli military exports were destined for India. 


This is because relations between Israel and India have developed since Indian Prime Minister Narendra came to power in 2014. 


The second largest buyer of Israeli weapons is Azerbaijan (US$295 million or equivalent to IDR 4.6 trillion), followed by the Philippines (US$ 275 million or IDR 4.2 trillion), the US (US$ 217 million or IDR 3.3 trillion) and Vietnam (US$ 180 million or IDR 2.8 trillion). 


In the 2018-2022 period, Israel imported weapons worth US$2.7 billion or the equivalent of IDR 42.10 trillion from just two countries, namely the US and Germany. 


More than three-quarters of Israel's US$2.1 billion in military imports come from the US, while the remaining US$546 million comes from Germany. 


The US and Israeli militaries cooperate closely on joint exercises, technology development programs and defense projects, with Israel the largest recipient of US military aid.


1. India - US$1.197 billion 

2. Azerbaijan - US$295 million 

3. Philippines - US$275 million 

4. United States - US$217 million 

5. Vietnam - US$180 million 

6. Canada - US$131 million 

7. Thailand - US$121 million 

8. Germany - US$110 million 

9. UK - US$90 million 

10. Singapore - US$73 million 

11. Finland - US$69 million 

12. Czech Republic - US$67 million 

13. Brazil - US$60 million 

14. Italy - US$49 million 

15. Romania - US$41 million 

16. Lithuania - US$32 million 

17. Greece - US$30 million 

18. South Korea - US$30 million 

19. Poland - US$24 million 

20. Honduras - US$23 million 

21. Myanmar - US$23 million 

22. Senegal - US$23 million 

23. Estonia - US$13 million 

24. Latvia - US$11 million 

25. Zambia - US$9 million 

26. Croatia - US$5 million 

27. Austria - US$3 million 

28. Slovakia - US$3 million 

29. El Salvador - US$2 million 

30. Kazakhstan - US$2 million 

31. Netherlands - US$2 million 

32. Turkmenistan - US$2 million 

33. Uganda - US$2 million 


34. Spain - US$1 million.

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