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Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Proposes Museums to Become Vital National Objects

Holiday Ayo - The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) proposed that the National Museum of Indonesia be included as a vital national object, in order to obtain maximum security.

This was done in the aftermath of the fire that hit the Museum National or also known as the Elephant Museum which attracts the attention of many parties.


The fire incident occurred on Saturday evening, September 16 2023. Thanks to the swift action of the fire brigade, police and the National Museum of Indonesia (MNI), the fire was successfully extinguished at 22.40 WIB. 


Based on the official statement issued by MNI after the incident, six rooms in Building A were affected by the fire. 


Meanwhile, 15 rooms in Building A and exhibition rooms in Buildings B and C did not experience any damage at all. 


“The situation at the museum is under control and the most important thing is that there are no casualties. The main focus at this time is evaluating the collections whose premises were affected by the fire to be temporarily moved to a safer place," said Nia Niscaya as Adyatama Tourism and Creative Economy Main Expert of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in The Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno which was held as a hybrid on Monday (18/9). 


“The cause of the fire is also under investigation. We all hope that an incident like this will not happen again, and according to the Director General of Culture, it should not hinder efforts to transform Indonesian museums," he continued. 


One way to prevent this, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will propose that several museums, such as the National Museum, become vital national objects so that security is better maintained. 


“This is just our proposal to ensure stricter security. We are still discussing how to implement it and then we will propose it later. Of course, it will involve cross-sectors, including the Ministry of Education and Culture," said Nia.

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