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Ministry of Transportation Marching Band Opens the Peak of the 2023

Holiday Ayo - Harhubnas Celebration National Transportation Day (Harbunas) is celebrated on September 17 2023. Harbunas is an important national day which is celebrated on September 17 every year.

An important warning for the transportation department in Indonesia. 


Marching band and brass band performances from the Ministry of Transportation officially opened the peak of the 2023 National Transportation Day celebration which this time was held at Istora Senayan, Central Jakarta, Sunday (17/9). 


In the event entitled Hub Fest, which this time carried the theme Advancing for Advanced Transportation, two series of performances were presented by a marching band from the Medan Aviation Polytechnic (Poltekbang). 


Before the marching band team from Poltekbang Medan presented their performance, the event was first opened by a performance of several regional dances from all over the archipelago, such as North Sumatra, Dayak, East Java and Betawi dances. 


After the series of regional dance performances, it was the Medan Poltekbang marching band's turn to show off their performance performing a number of medleys of popular national and international songs. 


One of the representatives from the Medan Poltekbang, Putu, said that his team was very excited to appear at the peak of Harhubnas 2023 in Jakarta.


Even though he felt nervous because many people were watching him, Putu felt satisfied after his long journey from Medan to Jakarta had paid off. 


“We have been preparing since May 2023. Previously we had made preparations by taking part in several competitions and winning five winners," explained Putu. 


“The most exciting experience was of course performing here, at Istora, because we traveled for three days and two nights," he joked. 


The opening performance from the Poltekbang Medan marching band will then be followed by a brass band performance from the Ministry of Transportation as the main activity in the outdoor area. 


After that, the 2023 Harhubnas Hub Fest will continue to the indoor area of Istora Senayan with several other performers. 


The performance in the indoor area will be opened by a dance performance from the Ministry of Transportation's Dharma WanitaSatu through choreography led directly by Ari Tulang. 


After the performance, there will be a speech from the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi to accompany the awarding of prizes to the winners of the Ministry of Transportation Sports Activities.


At the peak of the event, the Bandung music group GIGI will be the final performer to close the 2023 Harhubnas Hub Fest series.

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