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Miriam Adelson, Israeli Gambling Queen Worth IDR 466 Trillion Supports Donald Trump in US Presidential Election

Holiday Ayo - Despite his wealth, Donald Trump still needs donors to finance his campaign in the United States (US) Presidential Election. 

Among Trump's celebrities, there is the name Miriam Adelson. Miriam has long been known as a billionaire whose wealth was obtained from the casino and gambling business in Las Vegas. 


She is the widow of the late Sheldon Adelson who owned the Las Vegas Sands business. According to Forbes, it is estimated that the Adelson family's assets reach US$ 28.7 billion or around IDR 466 trillion (exchange rate IDR 16,250) Miriam and her husband were previously recorded as donors to the Republican Party campaign in 2020 with a donation of US$ 180 million or around IDR 2.92 trillion. 


Now, Miriam will make another donation to support Donald Trump in the 2024 Presidential election. Reporting from a Reuters report, Dave Carney, a Republican strategist, said that his party, through its Super PAC organization, plans to raise funds of more than US$ 100 million to capitalize Trump. 


Carney emphasized that Adelson would play a big part in that target. 


“Our goal is to raise more funding than ever before, which is about $100 million," Carney said. 


However, he declined to specify how much Adelson would donate. Miriam Adelson was born Miriam Farbstein in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1945 to parents who fled Poland before the Holocaust. 


His father was a prominent member of Mapam, a left-wing political party in Israel. Before marrying gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson, Miriam was known as a specialist in internal medicine. 


Adelson was also an associate physician specializing in drug addiction. In 1993, Adelson co-founded a substance abuse center and research clinic with Sheldon. 


Miriam has published numerous scientific papers on the topic of drug addiction during her career and has been a visiting fellow at Rockefeller University. 


Now all her wealth comes from her husband's successful business in Las Vegas. He and his family now own more than half of the gambling empire listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and his company even owns casinos in Singapore and Macau.

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