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Mount Tumpa, the Best Place to Enjoy the Sunset

Holiday Ayo - One of the places that must be visited by sunset lovers in Manado, North Sulawesi, is Mount Tumpa. Well, this place offers a very beautiful sunset view in the afternoon.

Not a few sunset watchers from Manado City and its surroundings come to immortalize moments on Mount Tumpa. 


The Mount Tumpa tourist location is very close to Manado City. Mount Tumpa Manado can be reached by two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. 


In fact, many officials from outside the region when visiting Manado came to Mount Tumpa Manado. From the center of Manado city, Mount Tumpa can only be reached in about 20 minutes. 


The entry fee for this tour is very cheap, namely IDR 10,000 per visitor. 


As cited from, Yandri, one of the residents, admitted that the beauty of the view on Mount Tumpa was able to enchant anyone who came.


“Especially the view at dusk, it is very beautiful," he said. 


“I often come here with my girlfriend and family," he stressed. 


Yanny, a resident of Minut, expressed the same thing. He said that Mount Tumpa is very suitable for sunset tourism. 


“The sunset is very beautiful. Moreover, it is sandwiched between the islands of Manado Tua and Bunaken," he said. 


However, he hopes that the government can complete the existing facilities at Mount Tumpa Manado.


“Facilities such as toilets and canteens are not yet available. It would be better to prepare them," he stressed.

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