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Pamukkulu Takalar Dam Worth IDR 1.83 Trillion Inaugurated

Holiday Ayo - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the Pamukkulu Dam, Takalar Regency, South Sulawesi today (5/7). 

Construction began in 2017 and cost a budget of IDR 1.83 trillion. This is the third dam that Jokowi inaugurated in South Sulawesi. 


“We want to manage the Pamukkulu Dam water. We don't let it go to the river, it goes straight to the sea, but we are preparing the Pamukkulu Dam which was built in 2017, meaning it has been almost 7 years," said Jokowi, quoted from, Friday (5/7). 


According to him, the Pamakkulu Dam has a capacity of 82 million cubic meters, with a pool area of 460 hectares. 


Jokowi said the benefits of this dam are enormous for the people of Takalar Regency, especially to reduce flooding. 


Apart from that, dams can also be used to generate electricity and irrigate rice fields. 


“Good for generating electricity, good for reducing or reducing flooding. The most important thing is for our irrigation, to irrigate the rice fields in Takalar and its surroundings," he explained. 


Before inaugurating the Pamukkulu Dam, Jokowi provided 80 pump units to farmers in Bantaeng Regency. 


This pump is provided to increase agricultural productivity. 


“Water is very important. Therefore, this morning we distributed pumps to raise water from the river to the rice fields, so that our rice production does not fall, plummet, because there is the possibility of a long drought," he concluded.

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