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Peruri Digital Security Prepares Electronic Signature Platform to Make It Easy for Prospective Civil Servants

Holiday Ayo - The opening of CPNS admissions, which will be held from 17 September 2023 to 6 October 2023, will certainly attract interest from the job-seeking community in Indonesia.

It is predicted that at least 1.17 million formations will be available this year. As we know, applicants are required to upload several related documents as a registration condition, including documents that are required to use an electronic seal as in previous year's admissions. 


To provide better service, PT Peruri Digital Security provides a new service solution, namely and also establishes partnership collaboration with Skill Academy and 5 other Electronic Stamp reseller partners with their respective advantages and conveniences as follows: 


1. – Is a webapp that provides Electronic Seals and Digital Signatures which can be done simultaneously in one seamless process. 


Last year, through the webapp, PDS succeeded in serving millions of Electronic Stamps needed by CPNS applicants. is expected to simplify the process of verifying the authenticity of documents by providing an e-KYC process for affixing Electronic Signatures. The following website can be visited 


2. Skill Academy by Ruangguru is the largest certified online and offline training platform in Indonesia. Through sites and applications, hundreds of online training classes are available in the form of learning videos on topics such as self-development, test preparation, marketing, technology and software, and business and finance. 


Apart from providing training and education programs to equip CPNS 2023 applicants, as one of the official platforms appointed by Peruri Digital Security, the public can also make purchases and affix e-Meterai to documents via the official website seal. 


With support for access to standardized document templates, affixing e-Stamps via Skill Academy by Ruangguru now only takes less than 5 minutes. 


3. is a digital platform to make it easier to affix seals and signatures anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, Pastisah also aims to reduce paper use in order to preserve the environment. 


Therefore, Pastisah provides digital products, such as E-Meterai, E-Signature, E-Stamp, E-KYC, and Digital Certificates. The following website can be visited 


4. is a digital document management platform that prioritizes convenience and high flexibility in all areas of your business. 


DigiDoku guarantees the security, confidentiality and authenticity of products for you to be worry-free. DigiDoku can be trusted to manage electronic documents. The following website can be visited


5. provides Electronic Stamp services easily, with the jargon upload-paste-done, equipped with various payment features ranging from QRIS, Debit, Credit Card and Retail Outlet. The following website can be visited 


6. – Dimensy is a digital platform that will facilitate the need to affix Electronic Stamps. The process of uploading documents and affixing them can be done in a matter of minutes. 


Documents that have been affixed with electronic seal will be sent to email and WhatsApp number. The following website can be visited (Willy Widianto)

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