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Puteri Indonesia Harashta Wins Miss Supranational 2024

Holiday Ayo - Puteri Indonesia 2024 Harashta Haifa Zahra (20) succeeded in winning the Miss Supranational 2024 crown at the grand final which was held in Poland, Saturday (6/7) evening or Sunday (7/7) early morning Indonesian time. 

Harashta Haifa Zahra is a 20 year old environmental engineering student from Bandung, West Java. She is Miss Indonesia who was crowned on March 8. 


“It feels unreal. I can't wait to carry out my duties as Miss Supranational 2024. This will be a very special year. My heart is filled with pride. Thank you Indonesia for the support," said Harashta Haifa Zahra in an upload @misssupranational on Instagram, Sunday (7/7). 


Making history, Harashta Haifa Zahra became the first contestant from Indonesia to win the Miss Supranational title. 


Previously, this title was crowned to Andrea Aguilera, Miss Grand Ecuador 2021. Miss Supranational was attended by 71 countries.


This event took place from June 17 to July 6. Harashta Haifa Zahra competed with the top four finalists, namely Jenna Dykstra from America, Isadora Murta from Brazil, Justýna Zedníková from Czech and Chanelle de Lau from Curado. 


In the top 2 round, Harashta Haifa Zahra competed with Isadora Murta and managed to win the event. Miss Supranational is a beauty pageant founded in Panama in 2009. 


This pageant focuses on the glamour, fashion and natural beauty of the contestants. Harashta's success made history as the Indonesian representative who won the Miss Supranational event.

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